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Published Continuously Since 1998…

Wild  Mushroom Hotline



Vol. 16, No. 20

  Early November 2014


“The Voice of Commercial Wild Mushroom Picking in North America”



Nothing and price down more.  Brookings $10, Florence $6.  The Hill: Done.  Immigrant crews being sent in along coast to learn spots for next year—and I strongly suspect they’re getting paid more than their local competitors (who are, in effect, taking lower prices as the offset to train their own replacements.)  Enforcement minimal.  My guess is that a $100 permit is coming.  Then the sensitive dune ecosystem can be torn to pieces by crews (75% of whom won’t have permits anyway) just like Crescent Lake and Chemult.  The coastal filth and litter has gone off the scale this year.  Just a taste of things to come...



Found 4 today near home soon going into bolete lasagna.   Boletes freeze nicely.  I enjoyed eating low-priced buttons all last winter.  Did you know that large slices of bolete fried without breading make an excellent eggplant substitute? 



Rotten picking not worth the while of any sane person.  But if you are desperate this is still your best bet.  Some Mexican crews getting 50 pounds.  South Coast pickers still hopeful as the window on this is still open—but not for long in my experience.  I guess if a feller could get past that washout on Lobster Creek Rd. N of Gold Beach he would find at least some.  Or the 010 on the Winchuk.  Caveat:  There are some quality issues that vary with location.  For instance, inland, the drying-soaking cycle has produced unhealthy shrooms with short shelf lives.  On the coast, pickers visiting the shop on Hwy. 101 in Reedsport seem to be bringing in about a basket of chanties in several baskets.  Must be a reason for that…



The last few desperate specimens poking their heads up.  Anything large is history.   Russela and Agaricus rejoice—your Hypomyces parasites, too, are suffering this year!  And for not much money.





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