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Published Continuously Since 1998…

Wild  Mushroom Hotline



Vol. 16, No. 7

   Mid April  2014


“The Voice of Commercial Wild Mushroom Picking in North America”




Pre-Easter prices in the $19-$20 range.  Burns off to really slow start.  Tiller fires mobbed by crews.  Hoppers in some areas—worms if you like them.  Trickle from Butte Falls area but heavy picking pressure.  Susanville-Shingletown area (including No. Cal. Fires) put out close to 1000 pounds (total) reputed to be wormy and of poor quality.  I know of one buyer in the Bend area who, when offered perfect morel driers by a picker for $150 a month ago, stated confidently “I think I will pass.”  Another company’s buyers wouldn’t pay more than $120—the company has since been making driers at $230—now ask pickers why they didn’t tell them they had morels to sell.  Apparently all anticipated a good Spring.  Now #1 morel driers are running $200.   Se la vie.


Season appears to be ending prematurely in Prospect—the experienced rekon it’s due to there being virtually no protective snow layer this winter AND the fast buck approach.  Just send an unprofessional mob into the patches.  Open up in a prominent place and don’t even give the nonprofessionals some dos and don’ts.  They dig up the patches, compact the soil, kill the babies (dead once you touch them) and even kick up entire hillsides.  So now you’ve got a bad season times 10.  And the result?  Higher prices for the companies rather than lower.   But, with the “French” approach (courtesy of Froggy) the half-pound picker is king—and nets more than enough for a six pack.





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