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Published Continuously Since 1998…

Wild  Mushroom Hotline



Vol. 16, No. 18-19

  Early-Mid October 2014


“The Voice of Commercial Wild Mushroom Picking in North America”



Nothing and price down as well.  Some claim Randle has “popped” but I guess the Asians coming from WA to pick Chanterelles in So. OR haven’t gotten the news…Canada a dead duck.  Cold weather, ice and hail targeting the “hill” next week.  (God saved me from this season by giving me a heart condition and other ailments—or was that from de-airing my tires at dawn, walking 5 miles over dunes, working myself into the ground and repeating this process for $4 matsies for a month last season?  FS workers seeing me limp off the dunes last December wondered if I would make it…found out in August I had had a broken ankle that had “calcified nicely”.)  Coastal matsutake failure as well this year.  Unusual. 



Filthy crapped-up mess.  Dirty crews littering the landscape, worms and poor prices.  Worst coastal bolete season EVER.  If your life depends on a good coastal bolete haul this season, start making funeral arrangements!



Rotten picking not worth the while of any sane person.  But if you are desperate this is your best bet.  Oh, the price is down.  It’s suggested by some you make driers.  One of the stars of last season thinking he was doing so well with $1 chanties recently appeared on my doorstep minus a rig.  Take it from someone who ran a successful business for years (in another field, of course):  you can’t continue to operate if you don’t earn enough to live, run your equipment and repair/replace your capital equipment (e.g., car) periodically.  This guy even had his false teeth repo’d by a dentist who hadn’t been paid.



The last few desperate specimens poking their heads up.  It’s hopeless for them also.  Russela and Agaricus rejoice—your Hypomyces parasites, too, are suffering this year!  And for not much money.



If there is one breed of dog that has no place in shrooming it is the poodle.  These skulking, sneaky bushwhackers seem to be the embodiment of all the worst traits of the French—who otherwise have a great culture and many fine qualities.  The one redeeming quality of the poodle is that it does not shed.




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